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Just as a reminder, in case you haven't checked the performance archery goals in the psych corner, our basic training goal and strategy are:
Total control of your shooting
Archery-specific Fitness training
There are a few elements to that 'total control'. Broadly, you need
     Sufficient strength (where it counts) to exercise fine control over the bow. One rule of thumb is that you need a peak strength two or three times higher than a fine-control load.
     Sufficient endurance in those muscles to
     shoot all the arrows in each end within time
     do the same for a full day's shooting
  The two above are covered on the various exercises pages.
     The flexibility to adopt proper shooting form under all relevant circumstances (that may be a lot, for field archers)
    Some basic Flexibility routines will be covered here in due course

Stable and low resting heart rate. This one is based on an observation that good shots in rifle shooting happen more in the gaps between heartbeats. But it's debatable; recent research suggests that the correlation between good shots and the gaps between heartbeats for rifle shooters is first, not quite as strong as was thought once you account for the fact that more shots of all kinds happen in the gaps, and second, that it may not hold at all for archery. But you get a low resting heart rate from training anyway, so regard it as a bonus.

And to get there,  
     Sufficient fitness to train!
      This one's covered under basic fitness