Pumping up - increasing arousal
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For most sporting situations, anxiety, exertion and competition tend to lead to high levels of anxiety and physiological arousal. In many sports, that's useful, and the problem is simply channeling it into positive terms; 'psyching up'.
In archery, with little physical exertion and often remote competition, it's sometimes hard to get up momentum. If you're one of the (surprisingly common) people who need to increase arousal levels somewhat to perform well, here are some basic tricks to use:
 Physical warmup  Music
 Imagery  Anxiety to energy
One caveat: Don't overdo it!. This is one of the few places where going up is easier than coming down!
Physical warmup Typical recommendations for archery warm-up are 'loosening up' - light, slow stretching. But combining a more vigorous physical warm-up with some visualisation is an effective way to increase bloodflow, arousal and mental alertness.
Ever watch the All-Blacks' warm-up? It's a war dance. Literally. And if that's not a mental warm up, what is?

Imagery Imagery is often used for mental rehearsal and relaxation. But replaying positive moments - real or anticipated - is a good 'upper'. Pick situations involving success, and use vivid imagery. Another adrenaline booster is visualised, controlled aggression. Imagine punching arrows into the target, hammering them home...
Another powerful Hardinges image for the scrapbook, too: seeing the target "at the other end of the racetrack"; like a competition sprinter's focus on the finish line.

Self-talk Affirmations and related self-talk can evoke strong positive memories and corresponding increases in alertness and arousal.
Remember Muhammed Ali's strapline? "I am the greatest!".
A lot of people ended up believing it. The most important was Ali himself.

Music Powerful stuff; more on this in the warm-up tapes section under arousal control.
Anxiety into energy Check out the page on learning to love nerves, especially on riding the rush.