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Visualisation and Mental rehearsal
I can rehearse my shooting in my mind    
I never mentally rehearse my shot before shooting    
My mental pictures are clear and vivid    
I can really feel my shot when I think about it    
My mental rehearsals never work - I keep missing!    
Goal Setting              
I never set training goals    
I set very specific goals    
I always analyse my performance after competition    
I usually achieve the goals I set    
My goals are always SMART    
I suffer from lack of confidence about my performance    
I approach all competitions with confident thoughts    
All my confidence dribbles away as competition approaches    
I keep a positive attitude in competition    
I am sure I will achieve my aims    
Anxiety handling            
I never feel fears about losing    
I worry that I will disgrace myself in competitions    
I never let mistakes bother me in competition  
I worry too much about competing    
In competition, I never worry about life outside shooting  
Concentration and focussing              
I only think about my current arrow when shooting.    
Concentration is a major weakness for me in competition    
Unexpected noises or lighting put me off shooting    
Nothing distracts me in competition    
I can cut out distractions easily    
Relaxation skills              
I am able to relax myself before a competition    
I get too tense before a competition    
I often get so knotted up I can't shoot properly    
I can relax individual muscles at will    
I can easily feel and remove muscle tension in competition    
I can 'psych up' easily for competitions    
I really enjoy tough competition    
I am good at motivating myself    
I never seem to do all the training I intend to    
I always try my hardest