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Motivation is a complex subject. Some of the very basic theory and terminology is outlined at the bottom of this page. For many practical purposes, though, there is only one question:

"How do I get myself motivated?".
The answer depends a lot on whether we're looking at long-term motivation, or short term motivation. Here's how I see the difference.
Long term motivation   Short term motivation - psyching up
Over the long term, in my honest opinion, long term motivation makes the difference between champions and no-shows. If you mean to practice, but never quite do; if you look out the window and think "it might rain - I'm not chancing it"; if that Gym visit just keeps getting put off; if you wish you could recapture that passion for the sport - than maybe this page is for you.   When you're at a shoot, twenty minutes before sighters, and just not in gear yet, you have what many people might call a short-term motivation problem. I call it an arousal control problem, so it's not covered on this page. But it IS covered in the pages relating to arousal control and on increasing arousal. Get on over there!
Keeping long term motivation