Competition nerves
Just about everybody gets twinges of anxiety - mostly when things matter and the outcome is uncertain. Most people who've caught competition nerves feel that it's damaged their score at least once; some of us believe that those sweaty palms, racing heart, shaky knees etc. spell the end of a decent score. This page lists some hints for beating nerves.
Learn to love nerves Turn competition nerves to your advantage.
Don't get nervous in the first place A joke, right? Not so; you can avoid nerves. Find out how...
Ignoring nervousness Often, the symptoms of nervousness are just a distraction. Can you ignore them more successfully?
Reducing the impact Dealing with nerves when they hit.
Spot the symptoms What do 'nerves' do?
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Quotable quote
This brilliant use of mental imagery from Gary Hardinges, UK Olympic archer at the Atlanta Games in 1996:
[in the head to head..] "every leaf on the oak tree was shaking...".
a) Olympic Archers get nervous too...
b) what a brilliant image - no matter what the leaves did, that tree wasn't going to budge!